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Welcome to the Seeq Add-on Gallery

A combination of both premium and free-and-open-source add-ons that can be used in conjunction with Seeq Workbench, Seeq Organizer and Seeq Data Lab.

For any open source add-ons, you are welcome to fork the repositories and make improvements if the license permits you to do so.

Please contact us if you have questions. You can also reach out to your Seeq Sales Executive for additional information.

Support for open source Add-ons will be through GitHub Issues.


Maintainer(s): Seeq

Documentation for Correlation Add-on

GitHub Repository

Analyze correlations and lags amongst time series signals. Perform offline cross correlation analysis and deploy in Seeq to monitor for correlation and/or lag changes.

Parallel Coordinates

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Maintainer(s): Seeq

Documentation for Parallel Coordinates Add-on

Download Parallel Coordinates Add-on

Visualize multivariate time series data. Leverage efficient visual representation of multivariate time series data for rapid analysis and insights. Create conditions based on visual analysis to monitor for periods of interest, highlight process deviations, etc.

Here is a short video overview of Parallel Coordinates in Seeq.

System Identification (SysId)

Maintainer(s): BYU PRISM

Documentation for SysId Add-on

GitHub Repository

Build dynamic multivariate models from contextualized equipment/process data and deploy in Seeq for historical and streaming predictions. Here is a recent webinar (sponsored by AIChE CAST) by the authors.

View a short video overview of the newly added multivariate transfer function identification in SysId.

Multivariate Pattern Search (MPS)

Maintainer(s): Seeq

Documentation for MPS Add-on

GitHub Repository

Find similar or dissimilar periods for multivariate continuous and batch processes. Gain insights into key contributors and bad actors. Here is a short introductory video for MPS.

Azure Machine Learning Integration

Maintainer(s): Seeq

Documentation for Azure Machine Learning Integration Add-on

GitHub Repository

Enable engineers and process experts to analyze, evaluate and deploy machine learning models built by data scientists in Azure ML Studio.

Stiction Analyzer

Maintainer(s): Process Automation, HAW Hamburg

Documentation for Stiction Analyzer Add-on

GitHub Repository

Detect, monitor and analyze oscillation and stiction in control valves.

Plot Curve

Maintainer(s): Seeq

Documentation for Plot Curve Add-on

GitHub Repository

Fit curves to tabular data and push resulting formulas to Seeq Workbench.

User Defined Function (UDF) Editor

Maintainer(s): Seeq

Documentation for Seeq UDF Add-on

GitHub Repository

Create, edit, and manage user-defined formula functions in Seeq.

Constraint Detection

Maintainer(s): Process Automation, HAW Hamburg

Documentation for Constraint Detection Add-on

GitHub Repository

Detect and monitor constraints and saturation in control loops.

Plot Digitizer

Maintainer(s): Eric Parsonnet (3rd Party)

Documentation for Seeq Plot Digitizer Add-on

GitHub Repository

Digitize existing design documents (pump, compressor curves, etc.) in Seeq.